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Facts and figures about apple juice

Producers and quantities

How much apple juice with the seal of quality is produced in South Tyrol, and how many manufacturers are there? Here are a few facts.
  • Apple juice with the seal of quality is made of 100 % pure fruit juice.
  • Approximately 580,000 liters of naturally cloudy apple juice with the seal of quality are produced in South Tyrol every year.
  • There are 8 apple juice manufacturers who produce not-from-concentrate apple juice.
  • Naturally cloudy apple juice contains 5 times as many beneficial nutrients (minerals, trace elements and vitamins) as clear apple juice. 
  • One liter of pure apple juice contains about 1.4 kg apples.
Tip: enjoy refreshing drinks
In winter, apple juice tastes best as warm apple punch: 95 % apple juice, freshly pressed orange juice, cinnamon and cloves.