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South Tyrolean apple juice

Natural fruit juice from the land of the apple

  • Apple juice with the seal of quality is completely natural.
  • The use of any kind of additives is prohibited – it is a not-from-concentrate juice without preservatives.
  • The apples come from South Tyrol, the unparalleled land of apples, and are therefore particularly juicy and tasty.
  • Only hand-picked apples of perfect quality are chosen for gentle processing.
Ideal climate for perfect apples

Apple juice with a seal of quality is a completely natural, cloudy fruit juice without preservatives. It is a not-from-concentrate juice. The apples come exclusively from South Tyrol. The apples grown here are particularly juicy, crunchy and aromatic – this is essential for the good quality of the apple juice. The apples for the apple juice are grown organically or by integrated cultivation.

Only the best apples for a rich fruity taste

The apples are hand-picked. Only undamaged apples with no signs of decay are used. The apples are gently crushed and pressed fresh from the tree. It is also pasteurized without destroying the valuable nutrients. The not-from-concentrate juice therefore has a naturally long life. No preservatives or other additives such as sugar, water, dyes or flavorings are used; only ascorbic acid is allowed.

South Tyrolean through and through

The seal of quality guarantees that the apple juice really comes from South Tyrol. All production phases from cultivation to filling take place in South Tyrol. Regular checks ensure that all fruit juice manufacturers apply these rules without exception.

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Tip: enjoy refreshing drinks
The gentle pasteurization process means that the apple juice will keep for a year.
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