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Full-flavoured apple products

How is apple juice made?

Apple juice is made in several stages. Firstly the apples are harvested and sorted by hand. After thorough cleaning, the fruit is crushed in a fruit mill. The resulting fruit pulp is then pressed gently. The natural fruit juice runs out. After pasteurization, the natural cloudy apple juice is filled in bottles. This gives apple juice with seal of quality a naturally long life. If stored correctly, the apple juice will keep for up to a year. The use of modern technology during apple juice production preserves its valuable nutrients and brings out the full taste of the apples, with no preservatives whatsoever.

How is fruit vinegar produced?

Not all vinegars are the same. For instance, only high-quality handpicked apples are used for apple vinegar with the South Tyrolean seal of quality. In the production of apple vinegar, the fresh apples must first be pressed. The apple juice is then fermented to cider with the help of additional yeast. Next, the wine is further fermented into vinegar by traditional means, i.e. ‘vinegar inoculation’. This special process is both closely monitored and heat-controlled with additional ventilation. Before South Tyrolean Apple vinegar can be used in the kitchen, it is stored for at least two months in wooden barrels before finally being pasteurised at low temperature. After the necessary storage time has elapsed, it is filled into glass bottles.
The result is a naturally cloudy apple vinegar that contains all the important nutrients of untreated vinegar.

The right time for the perfect taste

The cultivation and harvest of the apples is crucial to the quality of the apple juice. Apple juice can only be a delicacy if top-quality ingredients are used. Good apple juice requires crunchy, juicy, fresh, undamaged apples. Choosing the right apples after harvesting is therefore extremely important. The ripeness of the apples is also critical. Ripening makes the apples sweeter and the fruit acid gradually breaks down. For the tastiest apple juice, the apples need to have reached a stage where they are sweet and not too sour.

What exactly is not-from-concentrate juice?

Not-from-concentrate means that the apple juice was not frozen and concentrated. One option available when manufacturing fruit juice is to make a concentrate of this type and to dilute it with water at a later stage. However, this happens at the expense of valuable nutrients and above all of taste. This method is not permitted when making not-from-concentrate juice. Not-from-concentrate juice consists of 100 % fruit juice without the addition of water, sugar or other substances.