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Facts and figures about apple juice

Producers and quantities

How much apple juice with seal of quality is produced in South Tyrol, and how many manufacturers are there? Here are a few facts.
  • Apple juice with seal of quality is made of 100 % pure fruit juice.
  • Approximately 580,000 liters of naturally cloudy apple juice with seal of quality are produced in South Tyrol every year.
  • There are 8 apple juice manufacturers who produce not-from-concentrate apple juice.
  • Naturally cloudy apple juice contains 5 times as many beneficial nutrients (minerals, trace elements and vitamins) as clear apple juice. 
  • One liter of pure apple juice contains about 1.4 kg apples.
Tip: enjoy refreshing drinks
In winter, apple juice tastes best as warm apple punch: 95 % apple juice, freshly pressed orange juice, cinnamon and cloves.