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Practical tips for apple juice

Enjoy refreshing drinks

You can drink pure apple juice on its own. However, there are many other ways to enjoy apple juice. Apple juice mixed with water is an excellent thirst-quencher. This popular drink is known locally as “Apfelschorle”. Here you can find out what the best mixture is. Of course there are plenty of other mixed drinks, such as apple punch in winter. And how do you prefer your apple juice?
  • Apple juice contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins and carbohydrates and is therefore an ideal drink for athletes.
  • Naturally cloudy apple juice contains fewer calories.
  • You can also make “Apfelschorle” (apple juice spritzer). The ideal mixture is one part apple juice to one part water.
  • The gentle pasteurization process means that the apple juice will keep for a year.
  • In winter, apple juice tastes best as warm apple punch: 95 % apple juice, freshly pressed orange juice, cinnamon and cloves.
  • Exclusive edition bottles from the manufacturer are an unusual gift idea.

>> You can also use apple juice in cooking. Here you will find a selection of recipes with apple juice…

Practical tips for apple vinegar
  • A magic bullet against heavy foods: Apple vinegar stimulates digestion and metabolism.
  • Exclusive edition bottles from the manufacturer are an unusual gift idea.
Tip: cooking with dried fruit
Dried fruit can be used in a lot of mouth-watering recipes: it can be added to sauces and used in sweet and sour dishes or desserts. Dried fruit also tastes great in rice and meat dishes.
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