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Apple strudel for dessert

The right strudel pastry for everyone!

Three different types of pastry are used to make apple strudel. The choice is yours!
Which strudel pastry do you like best?

  • Short pastry is very popular for strudel. The South Tyrolean butter gives it an exquisitely rich flavor A thick, tasty outer layer holds the filling together and gives it a savory taste. 
  • Filo pastry consists of several pastry layers which separate here and there like leaves. Filo pastry is very complicated to make, as the pastry has to be rolled out and folded many times. Pay attention to the number of layers in this strudel pastry! The more layers, the more intensive the flavor. The air between each layer makes the pastry more aromatic.
  • Original strudel pastry is light and delicate. It is low in calories and easily digestible. While being prepared, the pastry is “stretched” so thinly that you could almost read a newspaper through it. Exceptional skill is therefore required to make sure that the pastry doesn’t tear.

Who actually invented apple strudel?

These days, apple strudel is one of the world’s most famous and popular desserts. However, many people are unaware that strudel probably had its origins in Arabia. From here, it migrated via Egypt and Syria to Turkey. After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, the recipe presumably developed from Turkish baklava or flat bread with a filling. During the era of the Habsburg monarchy, strudel was brought from Hungary to Vienna. Apple strudel had previously been considered a poor people’s dish. It later sweetened the elegant salons of the aristocracy as the popular “Viennese pastry” and became a part of Viennese coffee house culture. The first written reference to apple strudel dates from 1696. From Vienna, apple strudel has spread all over the world. This is how it came to South Tyrol, where it already has a long tradition.