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Practical tips for apple strudel

Enjoy it to the full

You can eat apple strudel any time you like, at any time of day. It’s not only a hit in summer, when you can enjoy it outdoors in the fresh air. It’s also very popular in winter. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy it…
  • Any time is apple strudel time: as a snack with your tea or coffee, to round off an excellent meal, as a reward for a long hike or simply when you need a break.
  • Apple strudel tastes best straight out of the oven, while it’s still warm. Click here for an apple strudel recipe.
  • For anyone who likes it really sweet: a light layer of confectioner’s sugar makes the apple strudel look even more attractive and adds the final touch.
  • It also tastes great with whipped cream, vanilla sauce or cold vanilla ice cream.
  • And what can you drink with it? How about a glass of delicious apple juice?
  • Dessert wines from South Tyrol are also a great accompaniment to apple strudel.