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Facts and figures about South Tyrolean beer

Beer with the South Tyrol seal of quality

South Tyrolean breweries have about 15,000 kg South Tyrolean barley at their disposal every year. 200 kg barley yields about 1,000 l beer. This means that around 75,000 l beer with the South Tyrol seal of quality are brewed every year.

In South Tyrol, there are numerous brewery taverns which follow old traditions in brewing beer with the seal of quality. Special attention is paid to the quality and origins of the raw materials, the freshness and the distinctive taste.
Tip: freshly tapped & served
The foamy head is not only responsible for the attractive appearance of South Tyrolean beer, but also for its taste. A beer with a full head tastes fresher and stronger, as more of the aroma can be absorbed by the nose.