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South Tyrolean beer – unmistakably good

Water, hops and malt

  • The basic ingredients for brewing beer: brewing grain, malt (germinated grain dried by malting) and water, all from South Tyrol/Südtirol.
  • The malt and untreated barley must conform with strict quality criteria.
  • Malt and yeast extracts are prohibited.
  • Food additives are forbidden.
  • Beer with South Tyrol seal of quality is unpasteurised and unfiltered.

Beer isn’t just beer

Customers are becoming increasingly discerning with regard to regional production, quality and brewing; this is why South Tyrolean beer is so popular.
Mostly local products and high-quality raw materials are used to make beer with South Tyrol seal of quality, and production is strictly monitored. This guarantees fresh beer specialities with a distinctive taste.
All South Tyrolean brewery taverns which brew beer with South Tyrol seal of quality use their own recipes and rituals. This is why no two beers taste alike.

Fresh, naturally cloudy beer

Beer with seal of quality is not filtered. Unfiltered beer still contains all the valuable parts of the yeast such as trace elements and vitamins, and also tastes more full-bodied. This means that South Tyrolean beers with seal of quality keep their unmistakable aroma instead of losing it through filtration.

The best spring water makes the finest South Tyrolean beer

Quite recently, it was discovered that the most important ingredient when brewing beer is pure water. South Tyrolean brewers use drinking-quality spring water fresh from the mountains, an ideal basis for brewing outstanding beer.