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The right way to store and serve South Tyrolean beer

South Tyrolean beer – freshly tapped & served

How should South Tyrolean beer be stored?

  • Beer should be stored upright in a cool, dark place. Bottled beer is particularly sensitive to light, which can damage the hops in the beer. South Tyrolean beer does best in the fridge or in a dark cellar.
  • Depending on the variety, the taste of the beer can change with time, even if it is stored in ideal conditions.
  • Particularly delicate beers should therefore be consumed quickly.
  • Beer brewed to mature over longer periods (usually contains more than 7% vol. alcohol) only develops its full taste over a period of time. It can be stored for several years.
  • Most beers should not be stored for too long.

How should the beer be tapped?

  • The art of serving South Tyrolean beer involves more than just tapping it correctly. The process begins in the cellar. The right degree of refrigeration and pressure are also important for the glorious foamy head on South Tyrolean beer.
  • Tilt the glass slightly while tapping the beer; after the preliminary tapping, wait a few seconds before tapping the head. This creates a fine, long-lasting foam.
  • Always use clean glasses; this is the only way to guarantee a perfect head.
  • The foamy head is not only responsible for the attractive appearance of South Tyrolean beer, but also for its taste. A beer with a full head tastes fresher and stronger, as more of the aroma can be absorbed by the nose.
  • The ideal temperature at which most beers should be drunk is between 7° and 9°.