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South Tyrolean strawberries and raspberries

Picking vitamins during the strawberry season

South Tyrolean strawberries and raspberries contain a lot of important substances. Strawberries, for example, are a prime source of vitamins when in season. They contain twice as much vitamin C as lemons or oranges. They also contain vitamins A and B. Strawberries and raspberries are also sources of valuable minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphate and copper. The longer the fruits are stored, the more of these essential nutrients are lost. This is why the strawberries embark on the short journey to the market immediately after picking.

Great taste yet easily digestible

Things which taste good don’t necessarily have to be heavy on your stomach. Strawberries and raspberries are great sources of vitamins, but certainly not of calories. Quite the opposite! 33 calories per 100 g mean that strawberries are easily digestible. Recipes with fresh strawberries or raspberries are ideal for hot summer days. Stored in the deep-freeze, they also provide the family with vitamins and minerals during the winter.