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South Tyrolean berries

Fresh from field to table

  • South Tyrolean strawberries and raspberries are sweet, fragrant and delicious.
  • The short transport routes mean that the fruit is still fresh when it reaches the table.
  • The berries are hand-picked, but not until they have reached a certain size.
  • Both strawberries and raspberries grow outdoors, which makes them resistant to disease.
South Tyrolean berries benefit from being cultivated at high altitudes

As the fruit is only cultivated outdoors and at higher altitudes, the plants are less susceptible to disease. A lot of pests can no longer survive at 500 to 1,800 meters above sea level. This means that fewer pesticides are needed. The result is integrated cultivation which protects the environment.

Optimum climate for an intensive aroma

Mountain cultivation means not only healthy plants but also better taste. The cool mountain air makes the berries ripen slowly. This gives them plenty of time to develop their full flavor in the sun. The berry growers look after the plants with the greatest care. Regular checks are performed by independent authorities to ensure that all regulations are complied with. Finally, the healthy fruit is carefully picked by hand.

Where is the fruit cultivated?

The berries grow in Vinschgau/Val Venosta, the Eisacktal valley and the Pustertal valley. The Martelltal valley is famous for its strawberries. A strawberry festival is celebrated here every year. However, tasty South Tyrolean strawberries and raspberries also grow in the Ultental valley, in Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino and on the Ritten/Renon plateau.