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Natural bread without preservatives

Nutritious then and now

The history of bread began 8,000 years ago. People collected seeds from prototypical grains. When coarsely ground and mixed with water, the result was a nutritious porridge. Only later was it discovered that flat bread could be baked in the ashes of a recently extinguished fire or between hot stones. The Egyptians then invented the first ovens and were already producing loaves 3,000 years before Christ. The first “raising agent” was natural sour dough.

The early history of South Tyrolean bread

The first wild grains were found growing along the Etsch (Adige) in about 4500 BC.
Cultivated grains such as spelt, emmer and einkorn wheat reached South Tyrol/Südtirol from 2250 BC. It soon turned out that the local climatic conditions were ideal for resistant plants. Oats, barley and buckwheat reached South Tyrol later. Rye didn’t reach this region of the Alps until 800 BC. These days, rye plays a very important role in the world of South Tyrolean bread. Many different types of bread are made using rye and sour dough. These days, rye is again being cultivated in Vinschgau and the Puster valley.

Traditional South Tyrolean bread was influenced by one necessity. Baking the bread was very complex. The ovens could not be heated often. Bread was therefore baked in large quantities for storing, which meant it had to keep for a long time. The bread was therefore dried. This was the origin of Schüttelbrot (flat rye bread). The sour dough is typical of South Tyrol and is started by the bakers themselves.

Bread – the staff of life

Bread is invaluable for a balanced diet. It contains a high concentration of carbohydrates and supplies the energy required to get through the day. Dark breads with a high percentage of whole grains are especially rich in protein. Bread also contains B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals. Whole-grain bread is particularly rich in fiber and trace elements such as selenium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese. Bread with seal of quality is made without preservatives or chemical raising agents.