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Facts and figures about South Tyrolean bread

Bakers and ingredients

Here are a few facts about South Tyrolean bread.
  • Around 50 bakers and confectioners in South Tyrol bake bread and fruit bread with South Tyrolean seal of quality.
  • South Tyrolean bread is mainly sold in South Tyrol.
  • Italy, Germany and Austria are also important sales markets.
  • Smaller quantities are sold throughout Europe.
  • Schüttelbrot, Vinschger Paarl and Pusterer Breatl are especially suitable for export because of their long shelf life.
  • At the moment, about 50 farmers produce grain for the “Regiokorn” initiative on more than 85 hectares.
  • The well cared for rye and spelt fields lie mainly in the Pustertal, Vinschgau and Eisacktal valleys.


And what’s in it?
  • 100 g whole-grain bread contains 40 % water, 240 kilocalories and 1-2 % fat
  • 100g Schüttelbrot contains 72.55g carbohydrates, 8.93g protein, 3.65g fiber, 2.05g fat
  • 100g Vinschger Paarl contains 42.07g carbohydrates, 8.74g protein, 7.27g fiber, 1.1g fat