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South Tyrolean bread

Traditional baking

  • Only natural ingredients are used for South Tyrolean bread and bakery products with seal of quality. 60% of the total ingredients must come from South Tyrol.
  • Preservatives, flavor enhancers and other chemical additives are prohibited.
  • The breads typical of the region are made using traditional methods from recipes which have been passed down through the generations. 
  • 75% of the entire flour quantity must come from South Tyrolean grain.


Traditional recipes

South Tyrolean bread and bakery products with seal of quality are guaranteed to have been made in South Tyrol. Only traditional breads typical of the region may bear this seal. South Tyrolean breads are baked according to traditional recipes which have been handed down over hundreds of years. Each baker develops his own recipes over the years. The same type of bread can therefore taste quite different if you buy it from different bakers.

High-quality bread

No preservatives, flavor enhancers or other additives such as chemical raising agents may be used. The bakers may only use natural raising agents such as yeast or sour dough. The baker also has to start the sour dough himself. Good sour dough gives bread a wonderfully rounded taste and aroma and a succulent crust, is easier to digest and makes the bread keep for longer.
Only natural ingredients are used to make South Tyrolean bread. South Tyrolean bakery products with seal of quality contain:
  • A mixture of various types of flour, rye flour is especially traditional
  • Clear water
  • Salt
  • Natural raising agents: yeast or home-made sour dough
  • Spices such as fenugreek, caraway, coriander, fennel
An independent board of control ensures that these quality criteria are complied with at all times.
Tip: a winning combination
Dessert wines from South Tyrol are also a great accompaniment to apple strudel.
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