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South Tyrolean cherries are remarkably versatile

Cherry cake and other recipes

Cherries contain an impressive array of nutrients. Ripe, healthy fruits are particularly high in vitamins and minerals, making them an ideal summer dish. This is because the body loses a lot of minerals in the summer heat. Eating cherries means stocking up! Even though they only contain a few calories! The longer the fruits are stored, the more of their essential nutrients are lost. All the better that the fruit is cultivated exclusively in South Tyrol/Südtirol and doesn’t have to travel far. This means it is always fresh when it reaches the market and the stores.

Inspiration for imaginative creations

Cherries are a popular stone fruit in summer. Obviously they taste marvelous when eaten alone. The radiant color and shine literally tempt you to take a bite. However, cherries really come into their own as an inspiration for tasty dishes and mixtures. Who doesn’t like cherry cake? Or keeping it simple: cherries and cream. Cherry ice or parfait with cherries provide much-needed cool refreshment on hot summer days. Cherries are also great at quenching thirst. The sweet juice can be used in a wide variety of drinks. How about an aperitif with cherry juice? Cherry punch is also an essential for any summer party. Preserved cherries also supply us with vitamins during the cold season.

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