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South Tyrolean cherries

Harbingers of summer

  • South Tyrolean cherries are sweet and bursting with flavor and aroma.
  • The cherries are cultivated exclusively in South Tyrol.
  • The short transport routes mean that the stone fruits reach the table fresh and undamaged.
  • South Tyrolean cherries are hand-picked.
Maximum quality for a luscious, fruity taste

A cherry has to overcome several obstacles before being awarded the seal of quality. The round stone fruits have to be healthy and ripe. The cherries must be uniformly colored depending on the type of cherry. The stone fruits are only harvested when they have reached a certain size and have a specific sugar content. This is the only way to guarantee beautiful, sweet fruits with an outstanding flavor. The cherries are invariably hand-picked. The round fruits are picked together with their stalks. There is a list of specifications incorporating all the regulations and defining the properties which a cherry must have in order to be awarded the seal of quality.

South Tyrolean cherries benefit from the unique climate

South Tyrol has a unique climate. Warm air currents flow from the south into the South Tyrolean valleys. Warm days with lots of sunshine ensure that the fruit ripens perfectly. Cool nights guarantee the development of the ideal flavor and aroma. The orchards have to be located at a certain altitude. They are cultivated in the Eisacktal, Etschtal and Pustertal valleys, in Vinschgau/Val Venosta, Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino and on the Ritten/Renon plateau. The optimum climate and fresh mountain air makes the trees resistant to disease. Pests don’t have much of a chance.