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Practical tips for South Tyrolean cherries

Purchase, store and enjoy

Here are a few practical tips on how to preserve the valuable nutrients and enticing aroma of the cherries until they are consumed. Read more here…

Buying and storing cherries
  • Make sure the berries are fresh when you buy them: The fruit must not be damaged.
  • Once you get the berries home, keep them cool at about 1°C.
  • Eat the fruit quickly, because it tastes better fresh.
  • Longer periods of storage cause the cherries to lose their aroma.
  • Cherries can also be frozen. They can be stored in the deep-freeze for up to a year.
  • The right way to freeze cherries: first place the fruits next to each other on a plate or baking tray and leave in the deep-freeze for a couple of hours. Only then should you put them in a freezer bag. 

Enjoying cherries
  • Do not wash and prepare until immediately before consumption!
  • Wash the fruits in a bowl of water. Avoid powerful jets of water as they may harm the fruits and wash out valuable nutrients.
  • Do not remove the stalks until after washing.
  • For cherry cake and cherry tart: dry the cherries thoroughly and remove the stones.