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The small snack for great plans

Alternative to sweets

Dried fruit contains the same nutrients as fresh fruit and is therefore part of a healthy balanced diet. It also contains a high concentration of minerals. The gentle drying process ensures that the vitamins are preserved. The fruit’s sugar content is also concentrated. Dried fruit is therefore a perfect snack for between meals. Dried fruit such as our much-loved apple rings can also be given to children as a school snack. The sugar it contains is natural and therefore easier for the body to process. This makes dried fruit ideal for sports lovers. Dried fruit also supplies the energy you need when out walking or cycling.

Good news for people with a sweet tooth

There’s no harm in an occasional piece of chocolate if you’re craving something sweet. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. People who like eating sweet things therefore need an alternative. Dried fruit is just the thing! It contains fewer calories than chocolate, for example. It stops cravings but still supplies the body with any amount of valuable nutrients.