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South Tyrolean dried fruit

A natural source of enjoyment

  • South Tyrolean dried fruit is natural and free of additives. Only ascorbic acid is permitted.
  • The fruit is cultivated exclusively in South Tyrol in compliance with strict quality criteria.
  • The fruit is dried gently and slowly.
  • This preserves the nutrients and flavors while the fruit is being dried.
Drying gives fruit a long life

Fruit was originally dried in the sun to preserve it. This made it possible to enjoy fruit out of season. That was sheer luxury and consequently only possible at celebrations. The South Tyrolean marquees typical during the Christmas period testify to this. Care is taken that the dried fruit traditional in South Tyrol is produced completely naturally. Apple rings and other dried fruits contain no added sugar or other substances.

What happens during the drying process?

The fruit is carefully washed and cut up after harvesting. It is dried in a special dehydrator. This is a kind of fan-assisted oven in which the fruits dry out slowly and gently in a stream of warm air. A large percentage of water is removed from the fruit. The drying process increases the concentration of nutrients in the fruit. The flavor becomes more intensive. What makes South Tyrolean dried fruit so special is that apart from adding ascorbic acid, it remains completely untreated. Sugar and other additives are not permitted. The seal of quality on South Tyrolean dried fruit means that that it consists of dried, pure fruit pieces such as tasty apple rings and offers endless enjoyment. This is guaranteed by constant checks.