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All about eggs

Free-range eggs: freshness, certified origin and full taste

Each and every egg is labelled with a code: the first number represents the type of husbandry. Eggs with quality seal have a one for free range eggs or a zero for organic production. Next comes IT for Italy and then a code which precisely identifies the producer.
A code could look like this: 0 IT 004 BZ 007

To find out if a hen lays white or brown eggs, you only need to look at its ear lobes. By the way, there is no difference between white and brown eggs as far as the flavor and the nutrient content of the eggs is concerned.

South Tyrolean free-range eggs are a very good source of proteins and a well-liked food, very appreciated also by sportsmen. Especially the egg white is unbeatable for its high content of protein.
Eggs get eaten as the classic boiled eggs for breakfast or as important part of many recipes. Eggs are one of the few foods, which contain vitamin D and can score with many essential amino acids, lots of vitamin B, iron, phosphor and vitamin A and E.
The egg yolk contains besides of cholesterol also high quantities of vitamin B and A, iron and riboflavin, which are important for the immune system, for a healthy skin and the neural system.