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Facts and figures about South Tyrolean free-range eggs

Lucky hens – good eggs

How many South Tyrolean eggs with seal of quality are produced each year? How many free-range hens are there in South Tyrol?

Here are a few facts about South Tyrolean free-range eggs.

  • In South Tyrol, about 10 million eggs a year are produced under the quality seal.
  • They stem from about 50,000 free-range hens.

The size of eggs depends on the age and breed of the hens; usually younger hens lay small eggs rather than large ones.
The eggs are labeled as S, M, L and XL on the shelf.

  • Weight category S stands for eggs which weigh less than 53 grams.
  • Weight category M stands for medium eggs from 53 to 63 grams.
  • Weight category L labels large eggs from 63 to 73 grams.
  • Weight category XL are eggs that weigh 73 grams and more.

Free-range eggs are available from selected farms and food retailers. Look for the South Tyrolean seal of quality: with this, you can be sure than you are buying free-range eggs from South Tyrol.