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South Tyrolean eggs

Free-range eggs fresh from the mountains.

  • Only organic free-range eggs are allowed.
  • The hens must have a covered sandy area in which they can run free.
  • The covered outdoor areas are cleaned and maintained regularly.
  • The feed is hormone and antibiotics free and not genetically modified.
  • The eggs must be sorted, labelled and packed within six days of laying.

South Tyrolean eggs
Eggs are used in many ways in our cuisine: hard boiled, sunny side up, as an ingredient for side dishes, first courses and desserts, or also for many typical South Tyrolean dishes such as Speck dumplings.

Although eggs are such an everyday food, we often don’t know where they come from and how the hens are kept. Using eggs with quality seal, you can be sure that freshness, origin and animal welfare are guaranteed.

South Tyrolean laying hens are kept in stalls like other animals, but have unrestricted access to outdoor areas during the day. Most of the stall is covered with straw for scratching. Nests for the eggs are built in, along with perches for the hens to sleep.
Current legislation states that each hen must have 4 m² of meadow or natural space with bushes and trees at her disposal.