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Practical Tips

No two eggs are the same

Here are a few tips on storing, preparing and enjoying eggs.

  • Fresh eggs should not be exposed to bright sunlight. Extreme fluctuations in temperature affect the egg’s natural protective mechanism, cause the quality to deteriorate and accelerate the ageing process.
  • Eggs should be kept in the fridge away from other foods.
  • If they are not kept in the fridge, they should be stored in a dark, dry place at +4 to +20°C.
  • The longer an egg is stored, the lighter it becomes. The egg white dries out through the tiny pores in the shell. This means a fresh egg will always sink if placed in a glass of water, while a stale egg will float to the surface.
  • Fresh eggs cannot be easily shelled after boiling, as the white sticks close to the shell and there has not been enough time for air to penetrate the space between the shell and the white.
  • If you have leftover egg whites from cooking or baking, they can be kept refrigerated for up to two days or simply freeze them.
  • Eggs can be simply and naturally colored: onion skins color eggs reddish brown, beets give them a red-violet color, elderberries supply a greyish blue, chamomile flowers yellow and with spinach you get a green shade
  • Hard-cooking eggs frequently leaves a green ring around the egg yolk. This is the result of a chemical reaction between the iron in the egg yolk and the sulphur in the egg white when exposed to temperatures which are too high or cooking periods which are too long. To prevent this, eggs shouldn’t be cooked too long and they should be chilled in cold water after cooking.    

The egg is an important ingredient for nearly all South Tyrolean dishes. How to make South Tyrolean dumplings without the fresh eggs for the paste? What would be the South Tyrolean favourite eggs with Speck, without the eggs? Not to think of all the desserts from South Tyrol, like the world famous apple strudel.

Eggs are used in many ways in our South Tyrolean cuisine. Here you will find a selection of recipes with eggs.