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All about South Tyrolean fruit spreads and jams

Wide variety – maximum enjoyment

The tradition of making fruit spreads and jams is very old. However, it is only about ten years since producers started processing local fruits professionally in compliance with standardised quality criteria.
In South Tyrol/Südtirol, the following fruits are made into fruit spreads and jams:
strawberries, raspberries, sweet and sour cherries, apricots, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, apples, pears, plums, peaches, quince, pomegranates and chestnuts.

Apricots and strawberries are most commonly processed, followed by raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants.
We differentiate between marmalades, jams, and fruit spreads
By marmalade we mean a spread for bread made of citrus fruit. Whether a spread is considered a jam or a fruit spread depends on the fruit content. Jams with quality seal must contain a minimum of 50% fruit, whereas fruit spreads with quality seal must contain a minimum of 75% fruit.

Only the finest fruit goes into the jar

What makes a fruit spread or a jam really good?
It’s the precision of the production process and the quality of the fruit that makes South Tyrolean fruit spreads and jams stand out.

Only ripe fruits are picked, roughly washed and then rinsed with drinking water. All non-edible parts (stalks, cores, stones etc.) are removed. Chestnuts are boiled or roasted before shelling. They can then be processed fresh or deep-frozen. Only puréed fruit or fruit cut into small pieces is used when making fruit jams and spreads. No concentrated fruit pulp or fruit purée reconstituted from concentrates is allowed.

The secret of a balanced taste is the proportion of sugar to acid. South Tyrolean fruit pulp is only sweetened with sugar (sucrose or fructose), concentrated fruit juices and South Tyrolean honey. The total sugar content (fruit sugar + the sugar used for sweetening) may not exceed 60 %.

The only approved added ingredients are pectin and small quantities of lemon juice, vanilla pods, spices and distillates.
South Tyrolean fruit spreads and jams contain no preservatives, colouring or artificial aromas.

All South Tyrolean jams, fruit spreads, jellies and chestnut creams are filled in glass or porcelain containers.