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South Tyrolean fruit spreads and jams

Natural enjoyment from South Tyrol

  • All the fruit for South Tyrolean fruit spreads and jam is grown and picked in South Tyrol and must comply with strict quality criteria.
  • The fruit must be ripe and have the typical colour.
  • The fruit must be clean and undamaged.
  • South Tyrolean fruit spreads contain no preservatives, colouring or artificial aromas.
  • South Tyrolean fruit pulp is only sweetened with sugar (sucrose or fructose), concentrated fruit juices and South Tyrolean honey.
  • The total sugar content (fruit sugar + the sugar used for sweetening) may not exceed 60 %.

Optimum altitude for maximum quality

The fruit used in fine South Tyrolean fruit spreads grows at least 600 m above sea level. This makes the plants less susceptible to disease and pests. Fewer pesticides are needed and pesticide levels can therefore be kept to a minimum. The result: fruit produced by integrated or biological farming, which protects the environment and maximises the quality of the fruit.

Mountain cultivation means not only healthy plants but also better taste. The cool mountain air makes the berries ripen slowly. This gives them plenty of time to develop their full flavor in the sun. The berry growers look after the plants with the greatest care.