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South Tyrolean grappa

Exquisite pomace brandy

  • South Tyrol is a traditional wine-growing district where quality grapes are cultivated.
  • Only pomace from South Tyrol may be used.
  • South Tyrolean grappa is a distillate without additives or refining substances.
  • Before being awarded the seal of quality, the grappa has undergo stringent testing and comply with various chemical parameters.
Exquisite raw material from the South Tyrolean wine-growing district

“South Tyrolean grappa” is a type of pomace brandy. It is produced exclusively in South Tyrolean distilleries using South Tyrolean pomace. South Tyrol has a long tradition of distillate production. As early as the 13th century, the monks were using distillates externally and as digestifs. This is where the term “Aquavite” (water of life) came from.

Quality grapes from South Tyrol for fine aromas

The quality of the grapes used for making wine is decisive for the quality of the grappa. South Tyrol has an ideal microclimate for growing grapes. South Tyrolean wine-growers make every effort to produce the best quality. The grapes are only harvested when they are ripe and sweet but still contain enough residual acid. This is the time when the aroma is at its best.

Gentle processing

The seal of quality guarantees the quality of the grappa. No additives may be used in the South Tyrolean distilleries. Any visible color comes solely from the grappa being stored in wooden casks. It may only be sweetened by the percentage allowed by law. An independent test center checks that the strict quality guidelines have been complied with.
Tip: enjoying grappa
The best way to drink grappa for maximum enjoyment: fill the glass one-quarter full and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then inhale the aroma briefly and allow it to take effect. Don’t keep your nose over the glass for too long, as the alcohol vapors exhaust your sense of smell. It is better to breathe in the aroma briefly and often. Take a sip, wash it around your mouth and swallow.
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