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Practical tips for South Tyrolean grappa

Caffè corretto, digestif and long drinks

Here are a few tips for South Tyrolean grappa. Read about how it should be stored, the different ways it can be used and the best way to pour it. Have you ever heard of “Caffè corretto”? Or do you prefer to drink grappa as a digestif?

  • Grappa is an excellent digestif. It promotes digestion and cleanses the stomach after meals.
  • Italians like to drink “Caffè corretto” – espresso with a dash of grappa. 
  • However, there are many other ways to enjoy grappa: “Grappa Sour”, “Grappa Highball” or as a long drink or aperitif mixed with Prosecco.
  • Grappa can also be used for cooking. It gives sauces and creams a special flavor and aroma.
  • Every grappa should be drunk at the right temperature: young grappas are drunk at 10°C, while older grappas taste better at 16-18 °C.
  • The right glass is also essential to your enjoyment of grappa: young grappas are drunk from a tulip-shaped glass, older grappas from a cognac glass.
  • The best way to drink grappa for maximum enjoyment: fill the glass one-quarter full and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then inhale the aroma briefly and allow it to take effect. Don’t keep your nose over the glass for too long, as the alcohol vapors exhaust your sense of smell. It is better to breathe in the aroma briefly and often. Take a sip, wash it around your mouth and swallow.
  • Grappa bottles should be stored standing. If stored horizontally, there is a risk of them becoming corked.
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight, as the aroma dissipates when exposed to warmth.
  • An elegant gift idea: a bottle of South Tyrolean grappa with a set of matching grappa glasses.