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Types of South Tyrolean grappa

Gewürztraminer – a special variety

Grappa can be made using the skins of one or more grape varieties. The most well-known unmixed grappa is Gewürztraminer – made from an autochthonous, aromatic grape species. Grappa made from the pomace of Gewürztraminer therefore has a particularly intensive aroma.

Crystal clear or stored in wooden kegs?

Grappa is usually crystal clear. However, if it is stored in wooden casks for a while, it turns darker and develops a woody aroma. Grappa is also stored for varying periods of time before being sold.
Young grappa is stored in glass or steel containers for 6 months. “Vecchia” or “invecchiata” refers to grappa which has been stored exclusively in wooden casks for at least 12 months. After being stored for at least 18 months in wooden casks, the grappa may be labeled “stravecchia” or “riserva”.
Tip: enjoying grappa
The best way to drink grappa for maximum enjoyment: fill the glass one-quarter full and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then inhale the aroma briefly and allow it to take effect. Don’t keep your nose over the glass for too long, as the alcohol vapors exhaust your sense of smell. It is better to breathe in the aroma briefly and often. Take a sip, wash it around your mouth and swallow.