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South Tyrolean herbs

Sunshine, mountain air and natural cultivation

  • South Tyrolean herbs are cultivated and harvested exclusively in South Tyrol. 
  • They grow more than 500 meters above sea level, far away from the cities and busy roads.
  • The plants are grown organically or cultivated using integrated methods.
  • They are harvested at the time when they contain the most active substances. This is called the “balsamic time”.
The unique climate makes all the difference

The ideal climate in South Tyrol promotes the development of particularly intensive aromas in herbs and spice plants. The dried flowers and spices are collected at the “balsamic time”. This is the time at which the plant parts contain the largest amount of active substances. After the harvest, the flowers and leaves are placed in suitable warm air systems where they are gently dried. Additives such as aromatic substances or acidifiers are not used. Finally, the dried flowers, herbs and spices are filled in special packages to conserve the flavor and aroma. Regular checks ensure that these rules are applied without exception.

Collecting herbs is a South Tyrolean tradition

In South Tyrol, plants have been collected for household use since time immemorial. They were originally cultivated in monastery gardens. These herbs and spices still grow in many family gardens today.
The professional cultivation of dried flowers and spices began in South Tyrol 30 years ago. These days, the aromatic plants can be admired in an area covering more than 40 ha.