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Natural elixir of life

How is honey made?

Honey is produced by bees. The bees collect nectar from flowers and honeydew from the leaves of trees. They take this syrupy liquid back to the hive. On the way, the liquid which will later become honey becomes impregnated with substances from the bee’s own body. Once they return to the hive, the bees pass on this precious juice to other workers. Part of the water evaporates in doing so. The honey is then carefully stored in the honeycomb. The temperature in the hive reduces the water content even further.

Mature honey in the jar

Only when the bees cover the honeycomb with a wax coating does the beekeeper know that the honey is mature and ready for extraction. The honey is then stored for a short time in containers where air bubbles and any impurities such as tiny pieces of wax are removed. The beekeeper now just has to fill the honey in the jars, and then it is ready for the breakfast buffet. Honey is a natural product free of additives and harmful substances.

The life of bees

Bees are well known to be hard workers. It’s astonishing what one bee can accomplish in its short life! It cleans the cells, warms and feeds the bee larvae, builds the honeycombs, guards the entrance hole, cools the hive etc. etc. Apart from the work in the hive, there’s also plenty to do outside. The bee collects water, resin, nectar and honeydew. Did you know that bees help pollinate useful plants such as apple trees?