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Facts and figures about South Tyrolean honey

Bees, honey and beekeepers

How many hives are there in South Tyrol? How many kilos of honey can you get from one hive? And what does honey actually consist of? We are happy to answer your questions. Here are a few facts and figures about South Tyrolean bees and their much-loved product, South Tyrolean honey:

  • In South Tyrol there are more than 6,000 hives which produce honey with seal of quality.
  • They are looked after by about 110 beekeepers
  • A hive consists of one queen and 40,000 to 60,000 worker bees.
  • The bees pollinate a large proportion of useful plants such as apple trees, cherry trees, apricot trees and countless wild plants.
  • In one year, the bees transport 20 kg water, 20 kg pollen, 180 kg nectar for their own needs and 40 kg nectar (= 15 kg honey) for the beekeeper.
Facts and figures about South Tyrolean honey

  • One hive supplies an average of 15 kg honey a year. 
  • In order to make 1 kg of honey, the bees have to make 60,000 expeditions to 5 million flowers and collect 3 kg of nectar.
  • Every year, South Tyrolean bees provide 90,000 kg honey with seal of quality.
  • Honey from South Tyrol contains approx. 34 – 41 % fructose, 28 – 35 % glucose and no more than 18.5 % water; the remainder is made up of minerals and trace elements.