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South Tyrolean honey

The abundance of unspoiled nature

  • South Tyrolean honey appeals to a wide range of tastes. Hives are located in the valleys and up on the mountain pastures. 
  • The Alpine flowers give South Tyrolean honey a rich, intense taste.
  • South Tyrolean honey has a low water content, which means that it is highly concentrated.
  • The seal of quality guarantees its South Tyrolean origins and that it has been treated with care to preserve its quality.
A profusion of South Tyrolean flowers for tasty honey

South Tyrolean honey yields an infinite variety of aromas. A wide variety of flowers grows in our region. This is reflected in the color and taste of our honey. From light, aromatic blossom honey to dark, spicy forest honey (honeydew) – all of these are available from our South Tyrolean beekeepers.

Handled with care by South Tyrolean beekeepers

Purely natural products should be treated with care. Hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance to our South Tyrolean beekeepers. The honey is not heated to high temperatures. The beekeeper makes sure that he only takes mature honey from the hive. This keeps the water content low at max. 18.5 % and makes the taste even more intense. Regular checks ensure that these rules are applied without exception.

Where can I buy South Tyrolean honey?

Look for the gold label when purchasing. Only beekeepers who produce honey with seal of quality are allowed to use it. The seal of quality guarantees its South Tyrolean origins and that it is submitted to regular independent quality checks.

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