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South Tyrolean meat

A life in the South Tyrolean mountains

  • South Tyrolean meat comes from animals which were born, reared and slaughtered in South Tyrol.
  • The animals get natural feed or the farm’s own hay. Guaranteed free of gene technology, antibiotics and hormones.
  • Great importance is attached to healthy animal husbandry; South Tyrolean beef graze outside for at least 60 days a year, Pigs must have free access to outdoor runs of sufficient area.
  • The journey to the abattoir may not take more than 4 hours. The animals are slaughtered quickly and cleanly.
Healthy animals

South Tyrolean Beef and pork with seal of quality come from animals which have spent their lives in South Tyrol. The producers are mostly families with just a few animals. The cattle receive optimum care and plenty of home-grown feed such as nutrient-rich hay from the Alpine meadows. The milk veal calves are fed solely on full-fat milk. The fresh South Tyrolean mountain air and time spent outdoors on the mountain pastures all contribute to the cattle’s well-being.

High quality guaranteed by seal

The animals are born and raised in South Tyrol. They are slaughtered locally at the nearest abattoir. The journey to the abattoir may not take longer than four hours. This minimizes the stress for the animals. Strict attention is also paid to quality standards while the cattle are being reared. The feed is guaranteed free of gene technology. Antibiotics and hormones are forbidden. Each animal has a passport which accompanies it at all times. This guarantees that its origins can be traced back to the farm. An independent board of control monitors compliance with these rules.