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Fresh, nutritious vegetables

Valuable nutrients

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet. In order to get as many valuable nutrients as possible on the table, it is extremely important that the vegetables are grown outdoors. Here, directly under the sun and in fertile soil, the vegetables are fortified with vitamins and minerals. It’s particularly important that the vegetables are prepared while they are still fresh. The longer potatoes, cauliflowers etc. are stored, the more vitamins and flavor they lose. This is why South Tyrolean vegetables with seal of quality are always taken to market straight after harvesting. Cooperatives and private marketers make sure of this.

A wide variety of vegetable dishes

Various kinds of vegetables with seal of quality are cultivated in South Tyrol, such as cauliflower, radicchio, asparagus, iceberg lettuce, potatoes, white cabbage, sauerkraut, red cabbage and silver beets. The many vegetable recipes available widen the variety even more. Vegetables can be eaten both raw and cooked. Vegetable recipes are available for all courses: appetizers, first courses or main courses. Vegetables can also be used to make sauces, purée and even Juice.

Vegetable potpourri

For example, did you know that cauliflower can also be eaten raw? Cauliflower can naturally also be cooked, steamed, baked, gratinated, stir-fried etc. etc. Where potatoes are concerned, there are differences between the varieties which affect the way they cook. They can be mealy, fairly firm or firm (waxy). This means the right potato is available for every dish. You can also use South Tyrolean vegetables in winter. Pickled vegetables and vegetable preserves with the seal of quality are available all year round. One special type of vegetable is grown in spring, i.e. asparagus. This too can be eaten raw, cooked or gratinated.

One vegetable typical of South Tyrol and an indispensable part of the local cuisine is sauerkraut. It is well known and popular as a side-dish during the “Törggelen” season, when people get together to sample the new wine. Sauerkraut, red cabbage and silver beets supply valuable vitamins and tasty, hearty meals even in the depths of winter.

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