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Facts and figures about South Tyrolean vegetables

Cultivation and seasons

Here are a few facts and figures about South Tyrolean vegetables. When are the different South Tyrolean vegetables available? How and where are they cultivated? And how many vegetables are produced in South Tyrol every year? Here are the answers:

  • South Tyrolean vegetables are all grown outdoors. 
  • They are cultivated at 600 – 1700 m above sea level.
  • 400 agricultural businesses cultivate vegetables with seal of quality; most of them grow vegetables as a sideline.
  • The vegetables are cultivated in Vinschgau, the Passeiertal, Martelltal, Eisacktal and Pustertal valleys, on the Ritten/Renon plateau and on the Deutschnonsberg/Alta Val di Non.
  • Potatoes and cauliflowers account for the majority of the vegetables grown. 

When are the different South Tyrolean vegetables available?

The season for most South Tyrolean vegetables begins in June and ends in October. However, the vegetable seasons depends on the vegetables grown and the conditions in which they grow, and may also vary from species to species.
  • Cauliflower, iceberg salad, radicchio: June to October
  • Potatoes: August to April
  • White cabbage: June to December
  • Boiled sauerkraut, silver beet, red cabbage: all year round 

How many vegetables are grown in South Tyrol?

Here are a few figures showing the current vegetable cultivation situation in South Tyrol.
Vegetable   Production 
 Potatoes 6.000 t 56%
 Cauliflower 3.000 t 28%
 White cabbage 500 t 5%
 Radicchio 400 t 4%
 Iceberg salad 350 t 3%
 Sauerkraut 300 t 3%
 Asparagus 70 t0,7%
 Red cabbage and silver beets 10 t 0,1%
 Total production 10.630 t100%