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South Tyrolean vegetables

Potatoes, cauliflower and more

  • South Tyrolean vegetables with seal of quality are invariably cultivated outdoors.
  • Cultivation at higher altitudes promotes the development of flavor and aroma.
  • The ideal climate and fertile soil make the vegetables crunchy and nutritious.
  • The families which grow the vegetables take the greatest care to cultivate them using environmentally friendly methods.
Mountain air for fresh vegetables

The South Tyrolean climate makes the vegetables grown here something out of the ordinary. The Mediterranean air which flows up from the south keeps the temperatures mild. South Tyrolean vegetables with seal of quality are cultivated at high altitudes. This means the vegetables are subjected to sharp drops in temperature at night, which gives them plenty of time to ripen and develop their unmistakable flavors and aromas. The sunny days and fertile soil do the rest. Cauliflower, radicchio, iceberg lettuce, potatoes, white cabbage and sauerkraut therefore enjoy ideal growing conditions.

Grown with care

In South Tyrol, vegetables are grown in Vinschgau, the Passeier, Eisack and Puster valleys and on the Ritten plateau and the Deutschnonsberg. The growers are small, mostly family-run businesses. The special relationship between the South Tyrolean people and their country and environment is very important. South Tyrolean vegetables are grown in open fields. This makes the plants resistant. Outdoor cultivation in South Tyrol therefore produces vegetables with exceptional qualities:
  • fresh
  • crunchy
  • tasty
  • nutritious
  • rich in vitamins
  • long-lasting
  • great to cook
Regular checks guarantee optimum flavor.

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