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Guaranteed by independent controls

Quality is tested by independent, certified inspectors in a transparent programme of controls. Through regular visits to the producers and the testing of samples, adherence to the specifications and the rules of selection is controlled. The quality criteria for each product group are individually specified. A specialist commission for each individual product group define the specifications. They are then authorised by a quality committee at a higher-level. The improper and unlawful use of a seal of quality and the violation of the provisions of the specifications will be punished with fines of 500 to 5,000 euros. The penalties increase fivefold for each subsequent violation committed within 24 months. Serious violations can result in the withdrawal of the right to display the seal.

Click here to view Provincial Law No. 12/2005

Controlling authority of milk: CSQA Certificazioni
Controlling authority of all other products: Südtiroler Qualitätskontrolle