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The history of the “Quality Südtirol” seal

The path of South Tyrol’s seal of quality runs from the post-war period until today

In the post-war period, the regional economy developed very rapidly. Top class products with a high utility value and high quality became increasingly appreciated beyond the borders of the region. To protect these great products from imitations, a trademark was introduced.

The South Tyrol trademark
When the Second Autonomy Statute came into force in 1972, far-reaching powers for economic development were transferred to South Tyrol/Südtirol. The Provincial Government entrusted the Bozen Chamber of Commerce with the new tasks. In 1976, the trademark of South Tyrol was introduced, which enabled strong collective marketing. The trademark had red, green and blue versions. It was the first seal of quality in Europe. Marketing and promotion began with South Tyrolean apple and wine products and the range of products expanded steadily from there.

The "Quality Südtirol" seal
In 2004, the South Tyrol brand was launched and it became obvious that the trademark should be adjusted. A uniform presentation was designed. In 2005, the “Quality Südtirol” seal was launched. Since then, synergies with other sectors in the area could be optimally used; quality was moved to the foreground of the message.

The seal of quality today
Today, there are already 15 products or product groups qualified to bear the South Tyrolean mark of quality and thus promote, primarily their high quality standards, but also their South Tyrolean origins.