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What makes the seal “Quality Südtirol” so special?

The quality mark of South Tyrol/Südtirol as a seal of quality and a certificate of origin

The mark of quality “Quality Südtirol” represents much higher quality than the legal standard requires. It is a seal that may only be used to label specific agricultural products and food. These products are of special quality and may bear the South Tyrolean certificate of origin. This mark of quality serves the consumer as a sign; it says and guarantees that production methods must meet much higher, more selective and more objective quality criteria, and that the products are from the region. Compliance with these quality criteria is monitored by independent and certified inspection bodies.

The legal framework of the seal “Quality Südtirol”
The seal of quality meets the strict requirements of EU law and was approved by the European Commission in 2005. It is regulated by Provincial Law No. 12/2005. The bearer and owner of the mark of quality is the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen. Marketing activities and the promotion of products bearing the seal are supported by the Province and by IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige.

Who may use the Seal of Quality?
South Tyrol’s seal of quality may be used for agricultural and food products that meet the standards and strict criteria of the specifications (the specifications for individual products can be downloaded under the menu heading: controls). Producers are regularly visited by independent inspectors who monitor compliance to the production requirements. More information or to request details of the process through which a product must go to qualify for the mark of quality, find here.

How do I recognise the seal of quality?
The mark of quality meets the guidelines of the European Commission for state aid in the agriculture and forestry sector. Here, the message of quality is promoted in the foreground. The seal harmonises with the umbrella brand of South Tyrol with the goal of promoting a unified image and benefitting from synergies. The seal is displayed on packaging and labels or on store counters to mark products that have been tested. Furthermore, the seal can be displayed on promotional materials or in the media, e.g. newspaper adverts and TV commercials.