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Fresh goat ricotta terrine on warm cherry compote and mint pesto

Opposites attract: cherry compote and goat ricotta


For the goat ricotta terrine: soak the gelatin in cold water, mix the goat ricotta with sugar. Squeeze out the gelatin thoroughly and dissolve in the warmed apricot schnapps. Add to the goat ricotta and fold in the cream. Put the mixture in a mold and chill for about 2 hours. For the cherry compote: put the sugar, cinnamon bark and lemon peel into the water and bring to the boil. Add the cherries and simmer. For the mint pesto: mix together the mint leaves, pine kernels and olive oil. Arrange the cherry compote on 4 plates; cut the terrine into slices and place on the cherries. Garnish with mint pesto.

Beer recommendation:
We recommend the variety Pils

Wine recommendation
We recommend Moscato giallo passito.

Ingredients for

2 people
4 people
8 people
125 g goat ricotta
25 g powdered sugar
1 sheet of gelatin
100 ml whipped cream
5 ml apricot schnapps from Vinschgau

Cherry compote
250 g South Tyrolean cherries
150 ml water
50 g sugar
½ piece cinnamon bark
½ lemon, peel grated

Mint pesto
25 g mint leaves
½ dsp olive oil
½ dsp pine kernels
250 g goat ricotta
50 g powdered sugar
2 sheets of gelatin
200 ml whipped cream
10 ml apricot schnapps from Vinschgau

Cherry compote
500 g South Tyrolean cherries
300 ml water
100 g sugar
1 piece cinnamon bark
1 lemon, peel grated

Mint pesto
50 g mint leaves
1 dsp olive oil
1dsp pine kernels
500 g goat ricotta
100 g powdered sugar
4 sheets of gelatin
400 ml whipped cream
20 ml apricot schnapps from Vinschgau

Cherry compote
1 kg South Tyrolean cherries
600 ml water
200 g sugar
2 pieces cinnamon bark
2 lemons, peel grated

Mint pesto
100 g mint leaves
2 dsp olive oil
2 dsp pine kernels
This recipe comes from
Varesco family
Guggal 23/1, 39040 Anterivo