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Apple and blackcurrant punch

Apple and blackcurrant punch

A mixed drink with South Tyrolean apple juice


Wash the orange and stick the cloves into the peel. Put the South Tyrolean apple juice, blackcurrant juice and orange into a saucepan. Heat slowly (until just below boiling point). Remove the orange. Pour the drink into cups while still hot, garnish with cinnamon bark and serve immediately.
Tip: This apple punch is a great source of vitamins in winter.

Ingredients for

2 people
4 people
8 people
500 ml South Tyrolean apple juice
375 ml blackcurrant juice
½ orange
5–10 cloves

½ piece of cinnamon bark
1 l South Tyrolean apple juice
750 ml blackcurrant juice
1 orange
10–20 cloves

1 piece of cinnamon bark
2 l South Tyrolean apple juice
1 ½ l blackcurrant juice
2 orange
20–30 cloves

2 pieces of cinnamon bark