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Trattoria Lamm “Mitterwirt”

Fontana family

Historic 17th century inn - prize winners “South Tyrolean Wine Culture 2011”


What’s so fascinating about working as a restaurateur? The connection between agriculture and gastronomy: here in the Passirian valley, we have spent a long time building up a network through which we can continually delight our guests at any time of year.
What dish do you most often recommend to your guests? Stew made from the meat of the Passirian mountain goat, a Passirian specialty which my mother used to cook.
What’s your own favorite dish? All kinds of dumplings.
What South Tyrolean specialty is the most popular ingredient in your restaurant kitchen? Wine, apple strudel and bacon.
The first documented reference to the “Mitterwirt” in the village square of San Martino dates back to the 17th century. In the room where the Bavarian authorities used to carry out interrogations during the Tyrolean uprising, the Fontana family serves plain Tyrolean cuisine and typical Passirian specialties. The inn where Andreas Hofer used to be a regular is today a village meeting point and the perfect address for everyone who wants to experience South Tyrolean gastronomic culture.

Trattoria Lamm “Mitterwirt”

Via Villaggio 36, 39010 San Martino in Passiria
+39 0473 641 240
Foto: Hildegard & Arnold Fontana