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Albergo Oberraut

Feichter family

Tradition, roots and family.


What’s so fascinating about working as a restaurateur? The way you can make people happy by serving them good food.
What dish do you most often recommend to your guests? At the moment, it’s beef flank with a herb crust. The beef is reared on our own property and the herbs can always be freshly harvested.
What’s your own favorite dish? Pressed dumplings with cabbage salad.
What South Tyrolean specialty is the most popular ingredient in your restaurant kitchen? Bacon, herbs and beef.
Our inn has been run by the whole family for more than 40 years; everyone has his job to do and loves doing it. We want our guests to feel like part of the family. Friendliness, politeness and zest for life are our highest priorities. We also want our guests to enjoy their food, which is why we use fresh seasonal produce from South Tyrol, particularly from close to home. Family also means tradition. Guests visiting South Tyrol should be able to get to know and love typical dishes.

Albergo Oberraut

Via Ameto 1, 39031 Ameto/Brunico
+39 0474 559 977
Foto: Family Feichter