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Ristorante Durnwald

Mayr family

A hospitable inn for everyone.


What’s so fascinating about working as a restaurateur? Always being around people, laughing with them, pampering them, and especially when they leave the restaurant feeling satisfied.
What dish do you most often recommend to your guests? Traditional local dishes.
What’s your own favorite dish? I like eating anything as long as it tastes good.
What South Tyrolean specialty is the most popular ingredient in your restaurant kitchen? Bacon, vegetables, berries, herbs and beef.
Gasthaus Durnwald came into being in 1970 after the locally renowned Gasthof Keil was divided. These days, it is a typical village inn, located in unspoiled countryside near the edge of the forest. Special attention is paid to down-to-earth food using fresh local produce.

Ristorante Durnwald

Via N.-Amhof 6, 39030 Colle/Valle di Casies
+39 0474 746 920
Foto: Family Mayr